French Importance to Canadians!

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Canada is well known for their national languages, English and French. However how important is knowing French for Canadians? As a matter of fact it is important to know French. As a Canadian we are required to have a second language to enter post secondary education, and what better language should be learned when living in Canada? As time progresses while you learn French you can potentially increase your job opportunities and salary in the near future. Not only will it benefit you while your in Canada it will benefit you worldly as well. More than 40 countries have French as a first or second language, and is spoken by 125 million people worldwide.  In addition to that you can also increase your English knowledge to its full potential since 40% to 50% of the English vocabulary originates from French.



Click the link to read more about Canadian Culture


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