Student and Teacher Evaluation

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

What should a teacher do in an effective language learning classroom?

The teacher should be willing to give up his or her time to help students in need of assistance.  The teacher’s method of teaching is essential to the learning experience taught to the students. The teacher should also answer every question given to him or her by the students, allowing them to absorb and add on to the useful information. While working in the classroom the teacher should make it a engaging and fun environment for the students to enjoy it more. Learning the French language is difficult for those who absorb information slower, so the teacher should make a nice and steady pace.

Students in the classroom need to be attentive and well organized. The teacher’s job is to inform us with information that we need to learn. If your disruptive and unwilling to learn you will not learn anything. It is up to us students to be respectful to the teacher and to others.

Here’s a link for the Teacher’s

  1. I think that Students should be more motivated and focus on the lessons. I also think that teachers should give the students time to learn and not let them get pressurized.

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