Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Study shows the average child can pick up 10 -20 words a day. In a way I think they are professionals in what they do and how they learn. The way children pick up foreign languages are the same way they did for their first language. By not worrying constantly and staying positive gives children the advantage over the teenagers and adults. Children also stay immerse into the language granting them this amazing ability to learn faster.

The main reason most teenagers and adults don’t want to learn new languages is because of their thoughts about embarrassing themselves. The more insecure the less likely the person would enjoy learning. However, children have the complete opposite mindset. Children don’t care about making mistakes and nor should teenagers and adults. You should try staying positive, don’t be insecure, and work hard.

^This is an example on how fast children can learn language. ^


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