Benefits of Knowing a Second Language (week 2)

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone, this is my second entry this semester. The new topic Mr. Eckert told us to write about was “The Benefits of knowing a Second Language”. In my opinion, I think that knowing another language gives you more Educational opportunities. For example, if your thinking of becoming the prime mister of Canada, you need French to be your second language. Also it makes you more open-minded, making you more aware that there are different ways of thinking. When your travelling and the people in the country speak the second language you speak, it would make communication easier and make your trip more enjoyable. Also you could make new acquaintances along the way. By learning new languages you’ve opened new opportunities to learn more about world cultures.

  1. M. Eckert says:

    Salut Jonathan! Tres bien 🙂 I have enjoyed reading your posts. Try inserting some images it will make it more interesting and related to the course.

    A plus,

    M. Eckert

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