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Cette semaine, we have quite a bit of things to do to conclude our semester. Currently we are learning how to use “Les Complements Directs”. Since Mr. Eckert stated that it was the hardest concept that we will encounter this semester I was relieved…. Starting tomorrow we must have our songs selected! If anyone needs help on choosing one here’s a site example:


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Projet rétro!

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It’s almost the end of April and to end the unit we are making a video. This video will incorporate what we have learned in class the past 2 weeks: il faut, on doit, adjectifs,  and le superlative. In the mean time we are still the in the process of creating our film. There will be 3 well-known artist we will be interviewing,The king of pop, the king of rock, and a hippie. Can you figure out based on the hints? During a session in class my partners and I collected as much information from each other possible to make this film. Our goal is to please both the teacher and our classmates.

Canada is well known for their national languages, English and French. However how important is knowing French for Canadians? As a matter of fact it is important to know French. As a Canadian we are required to have a second language to enter post secondary education, and what better language should be learned when living in Canada? As time progresses while you learn French you can potentially increase your job opportunities and salary in the near future. Not only will it benefit you while your in Canada it will benefit you worldly as well. More than 40 countries have French as a first or second language, and is spoken by 125 million people worldwide.  In addition to that you can also increase your English knowledge to its full potential since 40% to 50% of the English vocabulary originates from French.



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Canada’s second official language is French. The language plays a large part in our identify as a nation. For most Canadians going into University requires you to know a second language, in this case it is “French”. To go into such prestiges University’s such as “Mcgill University” taking French during secondary school is a MUST. However not only does this play a big part in education it also has an effect on travelling around Canada. The usefulness of knowing French in Canada is tremendously helpful while travelling to well- known places like Quebec. As a Canadian I believe that knowing French is a great benefit among us.


What role does Francophone language and culture play in Canadian history?

As most of you know the French had taken over Canada quite some time ago. Some proof I will provide is Canada just so happens to have a province that speaks French. Quebec is one of the most historical sights and played a large role in Canadian history. Today more than 7 million Canadian’s speak French, and a total of about 22% of Canadians.

What role does Francophone language and culture play in Canadian history?

French plays both an educational role and fun role in Canadian culture. Kids learn the French language during elementary school at the fifth grade and mostly go up till the eleventh grade. Not only does it play this role but it also plays the role of Canada’s second official language. Even though you don’t know how to speak French, you should attempt to do so. There are numerous possibilities that can truly benefit you.

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What should a teacher do in an effective language learning classroom?

The teacher should be willing to give up his or her time to help students in need of assistance.  The teacher’s method of teaching is essential to the learning experience taught to the students. The teacher should also answer every question given to him or her by the students, allowing them to absorb and add on to the useful information. While working in the classroom the teacher should make it a engaging and fun environment for the students to enjoy it more. Learning the French language is difficult for those who absorb information slower, so the teacher should make a nice and steady pace.

Students in the classroom need to be attentive and well organized. The teacher’s job is to inform us with information that we need to learn. If your disruptive and unwilling to learn you will not learn anything. It is up to us students to be respectful to the teacher and to others.

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Success In a New Language!

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A successful learning classroom needs: un professeur, étudiants, et environnement d’ apprentissage amusant. In other words, the classroom would like recognizable by having the students wanting to learn and constantly interacting with each other in the language. The room should be filled with posters and projects related to the course, so that the students feel more comfortable about the learning experience. Also teachers play a major role in this learning experience. Without the teachers guidance, things would be much more difficult to learn and understand. The ideal teacher would teach thoroughly and allow the class to pace themselves. The more comfortable the students are, the better the outcome.